Based in my home town of St Albans I aim to offer a high spec and friendly service. Combining my qualifications in Personal Training and Pilates with my Degree in Nutrition, Diet & Lifestyle I can offer you the science and reasoning behind particular exercise programs, movements and diet.

With this knowledge it gives me the edge to really provide a tailor made program to help you achieve what you desire. Whether it’s maintaining a current level of fitness and keeping your workouts fresh, helping you ‘drop a dress size’ for that important event or just getting you back on track with your exercise and diet.

I offer free taster sessions, which include a chat about what sort of results you would like and in what time frame. I can do these on location, at your home or for purely Pilates with optional diet advice.

I am available in and around St Albans, including Harpenden, Hatfield, Welwyn Garden City, Watford and Hemel Hempstead. If you wanted me to travel slightly further then let me know and we can look at working something out.

Get in touch today by calling me on 07590 524968 or at billysachpt@gmail.com

“I first started training with Billy eight months ago, about a month after finishing a very intense masters course during which I had no time to exercise and had gained a fair bit of weight. I was initially a little nervous as I’ve known him in a personal capacity for a number of years and I used to play a lot of high level sport so I thought there could have been an awkward dynamic. I couldn’t have been more wrong! Within the first few weeks I had lost over half a stone (almost 4kg) and my fitness had massively improved. Fast forward eight months and I’ve lost more than 1.5 stone (over 10kg), massively toned up and my fitness levels have improved exponentially.

Billy has got the balance right between knowing when to push me and when I’ve had enough, and has easily accommodated for the various niggling injuries that years of playing football has left me with! I still train with him once a week which generally involves a lot of banter and try to train at least 3 times a week elsewhere which I could not have managed before. Despite having a fair bit of fitness and nutrition knowledge myself before starting to train with Billy, he has helped me alter my diet and to eat right before training and given me new programmes and techniques to use in my own time at the gym, as well as the motivation to follow it through.

If you’re wanting to get fitter/lose weight but aren’t sure whether taking the plunge into the world of personal training is for you, all I can say is give it a go with a taster session with Billy and I’m pretty sure you won’t look back!”

Heather McNeill

“I started training with Billy in a bid to help me lose some weight, boost my confidence in myself and learn how to properly exercise and workout with out risk of injury.

Billy was extremely friendly upon meeting me and made sure I felt comfortable, his great attitude and fantastic knowledge in training and nutrition ensured that each session I left feeling really positive about my training and ensuring I’m motivated to get to the gym the rest of the week.

Billy is very energetic, commuted and very professional and I can’t recommend him enough!”

Ben Rickerty